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My recent professional years…

  • MaddieBrit Products: Design Supervisor, In-House Design Department, Los Angeles/Camarillo

  • Flux Branding: Freelance Designer, Design Agency, Los Angeles

  • Design Helm: Second Designer, Boutique Design Studio, Hollywood

My focus at Design Helm was on branding and branding collateral. At Flux Branding I had the opportunity to work with a full-fledged team of creatives that included project managers, and I worked directly with the studio’s Chief Creative Strategist on large-scale projects. My most recent position has been with Maddiebrit Products, the creators of Grab Green. I’ve been head of their in-house design department for over four years and over those years I’ve come to understand the intricacies and complexities of the CPG (consumer product goods) space.

I offer a range of deliverables & services for my clients: branding, branding collateral, product design, product photography, lifestyle photography, web design, copy-writing, tradeshow graphics, illustration, print production and vendor liaison.


I’m a graphic designer living & working in Southbay Los Angeles. You will typically find me smiling! I adore my family, the outdoors, cooking with a plethora of spices, and I have an obsession with house plants.

I’m a pro at working remotely, as I’ve done for several years with my in-house design position at Grab Green.

Working with me is a collaboration. I’ve discovered its my clients who have incredible vision and insight into their business, cause or product. I dive into your vision, your goals and ask questions, curate that vision, and bring it to life.

I’m open-minded. Change can happen in a beat, and it often does… adaptation is necessary in the process of achieving goals.

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